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Eric Mitchell

Buying or selling a home in Greenville? I have been in Greenville my whole life and know the market well! I spent 28 years in media marketing sales and covered nearly every square mile of the market servicing my clients. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you can count on me to deliver an outstanding real estate experience. I promise the best communication and service possible! Let me find the solution for you today.

Marketing specialists turned real estate agent! Mid-life crisis? Maybe!
Growing up off Pelham Rd. in the 1970’s felt like being part of the movie Stand By Me. Our neighborhood was all new construction. Modest but nothing less than spectacular for our family of five. My parents came from humble homes in Southwestern Virginia. Hicks really. The kind of folk that enjoy sweet tea on the front porch on warm summer nights. Nothing but the crickets and katydids chirping in the night. Our neighborhood was situated just a little over 2 miles from Pelham Rd. and I-85. There was nothing in between except a few country homes and one general store at Pelham and Blacks Dr. Used to ride my bike there for a grape Nehi and Moon Pie. Pelham and I-85 had a service station. Two old pumps and a single garage. The kind of place where knuckles were skinned and bruised and the conversation was minimal. The neighborhood kids all played together. The sport of the season rotated venues. Football at Durham Brice, Basketball at Hortis Court, Baseball on a homemade field where Coach Hills would be built a few years later…then to Eastside High’s field. The creek was loaded with crawdads and hornyhead fish. Truly, a spectacular place to grow up.

Living in the Augusta Rd area has been equally as spectacular! I love that I’m 2 minutes from Main St. Greenville and have easy access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The neighborhood, while old, is vibrant with young families. Some find a gem in the rough and renovate or even raze and start anew. Others just move in and enjoy the ambiance of a 1930’s bungalow.

Regardless of the area you’re looking, I know I can find EXACTLY what you want and need. There aren’t many neighborhoods I haven’t at least visited. Most importantly though, I will never leave you hanging! The only time I won’t answer a call is when I’m in church, on a call, or with a client. Even then, you’ll know and I will call you back immediately when available.

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